Vinaya’s Journey

LOST 18 Kgs in 15 WEEKS

My work life and social life leave me without a lot of “me” time! Because life has been so busy for a few years now, I hadn’t invested much time in making healthy food and exercise choices. 

I’d done dieting on my own for some time with some temporary success but never kept the weight off. Once I connected with Shiimpy, I lost more weight than ever, and have actually kept it off. Instead of paying a lot of money for a fad weight-loss program, I love that I get paid for doing what works best for me.

The mix of small goals and financial incentives was key. Weighing in once a month was great because it was enough time that I could have a few not-so-great days per month, but still stay on track. And–I’ll say it–I’m pretty cheap, so the thought of losing a few dollars when I didn’t make my goal was unappealing! Even now, as I’m more in maintenance mode, I’m doing my third Transformer game. For the first time in my history, I haven’t made a few of my goals, but even having the accountability of weighing in and aiming toward that 10% goal has been a huge part of my maintenance process.

Having the pictures from each weigh-in has also been really inspirational. It amazes me to look back at the photo from my first weigh-in in January 2014 to the most recent one. I love that, through Your Diet Lounge, I have pictures to compare directly how far I’ve come. Oh, and winning money is pretty fun, too!

 There’s no better day to start than today!

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