Beauty and Skin

Poor diet can result in poor skin health

Shown through dull, flaky skin, tiredness and dark circles under our eyes, as well as break-outs of spots and inevitably weight gain.

I have therefore designed a perfect diet plan to get your skin glowing and your body and mind ready.

The diet focuses on a different area every week; weight & energy, skin, sleep & stress and reducing bloating adding these one at a time.

Each week I also recommend certain foods or food categories to remove from your diet. Making these changes gradually means they are more likely to be achievable and to form long-term habits that you can maintain up to the big day and beyond.

This would even be perfect for the would-be bride and groom.

Diet plan includes-
  • Inch loss and Body Toning
  • Nutritional and healthy food
  • Improve skin quality
  • Radiant¬†skin

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