If you are overweight or obese, do a very little exercise or have an unhealthy diet than you are more likely to have chances of blood pressure and cholesterol problems. High blood pressure can be a risk of various heart diseases and strokes. So it is important to have check and control over your cholesterol and blood pressure on time. At Your Diet Lounge, customize designed diet can help to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol as well.

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Most people think that they can gain weight just by eating fatty acids and calories rich food. Well, wake up! Gaining weight is difficult than losing weight. The key to gain weight is eating appropriate food at right time which gives your body appropriate calories with the right nutrition. At Your Diet Lounge, our expert will design the best suitable nutrition and will guide you on your diet regime to grow your body as a whole.

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Customized meal plan according to the client\\\'s needs
RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test
Personal Nutrition Consultation
Personal Lifestyle Coaching
A weekly review of food choices, diet plan, challenges, success and action steps to improve your health

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