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The common misconception among people is that they can gain weight just by eating fatty and rich calorie food. It is like saying that let’s build a house using paper rather than bricks, after all it’s just the appearance that matters. Well, Wake up! To gain weight you have to give your body enough time to adjust to the change and feed it with a diet that not only provides calories but proper nutrition to help the body grow as a whole. Generally the questions asked by people willing to gain weight are:

  • What should be my ideal weight as per my height and age?
  • Is it good to eat junk food to gain weight?
  • I eat a lot, but still do not gain weight, why?
  • What is the best way to gain weight?
  • I suffer from Hyperthyroid, how can I gain weight?
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Well at Your Diet Lounge we are here to help you, and you have the option to choose a weight gain diet package that is well rounded and completely harmless for your body. So you don’t just put on weight rather gain weight and muscle consistently and you begin to look healthier and better over a period of time.

So, if you are preparing for a career in modelling, going to marry, preparing for Defence services or just want to look good, we are here for you. For people who suffer from Hyperthyroidism, which hampers weight gain, we have customised diet packages which would help them gain weight. We carefully devise a balanced diet that can help you get the vital nutrition you have lost due to the disorder. For example, we include diets rich in nutrients like iodine and selenium, which help in the overall functioning of thyroid. We offer you Customized Diet plans keeping in mind:

  1. Your age and height.
  2. Current health condition.
  3. Genetic and biological factors.
  4. Ongoing Medications.
  5. Likes and dislikes.
  6. Physical activities and daily routine.

We also consider many other environmental and climatic factors. You can buy our plans right away.

Diet Counseling

Guidance by our team of dieticians and experts to help you get rid of your problems. They will guide you, motivate you and help you in all possible ways. We will make you think about the ill effects of not changing your habits. We will help you to develop a greater self-control.

Let’s start the journey together………

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