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Every 1 in 10 Indian or say 42 million Indians suffer from thyroid related problems. Among them 60% of the patients are women. People diagnosed with these conditions find it difficult to lose weight or gain weight depending upon the type of disease.

Choose from the various diet packages that we offer and get the added benefits of complementary supplements and free services.

The common questions related to thyroid problems are:

  • After trying so hard, why am I not able to lose weight?
  • What is the proper diet for a thyroid patient?
  • What are the essential nutrients that are required in thyroid cases?
  • Is my lifestyle responsible for my thyroid problem?


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Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are the two most common thyroid disorders. People who develop hypothyroidism have an under active thyroid gland leading to slow metabolism making it difficult for them to lose weight.

Similarly, in case of hyperthyroidism, a person has an overactive thyroid gland that accelerates body’s processes leading to irregular heartbeat and difficulty in sleeping.

How can this Diet Plan Help You?

Prepare to fight the thyroid gland and become healthy. Your Diet Lounge offers a fast and effective course for a healthy and positive life. We carefully develop a balanced diet that will help you regain the necessary nutrition you have lost due to illness.

We offer individual diet plans that remember:

  • Your needs.
  • Current health.
  • Genetic and biological factors.
  • Medications under treatment.
  • Sympathy and dislike.
  • Time and routine.

…… and many other environmental factors. You can buy our plans immediately or contact us via social media for more information.

Expert Dietician Advice

Tips from our team of nutrition experts and experts to help you get rid of your thyroid problems. They will guide, motivate and help you in every possible way. We let you experience a life without problems caused by the thyroid gland. We also offer support via email and messages.

Let’s start the journey together ………..

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