Diet Packages for Pregnant Women

One of the most important changes that pregnancy introduces to a woman’s lifestyle is an intense focus on eating well and eating the right food. For a child and a mother to be healthy, a well-balanced diet is needed. Some basic ingredients, such as omega-3, do not exist in excess in everyday foods. Some foods, such as fish, may contain mercury that prevents the brain from developing. There should be no shortage or excess of nutrients such as iodine, folic acid, calcium, etc.  As both cases are dangerous to the baby.

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It is important to remember many factors when deciding what to eat and what not to eat. Your Diet Lounge helps create the perfect balance for you and your child.

We offer individual plans for a pregnancy diet, including:

  • You and your child’s needs.
  • Current health condition.
  • Genetic and biological factors.
  • Medicine during treatment.
  • Nice and not nice (very important during pregnancy ……. right?)
  • Time and routine.

And many other environmental factors. You can buy our plans immediately or contact us via social media for more information.

Expert Dietician  Advice

Tips from our team of dieticians and experts on the right diet of the mother and her child. They will guide, motivate and help you in every possible way. We help you find the perfect balance between what you like, what your child likes and what is important. In addition, we will support and remind you of important issues via email and messages.

Let’s start the journey together ……..

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Health Packages

Customized meal plan according to the client\\\'s needs
RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test
Personal Nutrition Consultation
Personal Lifestyle Coaching
A weekly review of food choices, diet plan, challenges, success and action steps to improve your health


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