Diet Package for Gym Lovers


A healthy and muscular body requires two things – passion and nutrition. We all know that physical fitness is 70% of the diet and 30% of the exercise. Foods provide nutrition and stimulate enzymes for holistic body growth.

You should also consider:

  1. What is the best food to build muscle?
  2. What and how to eat Exercise before and after?
  3. How important is the relationship and quality of the protein to other nutrients?
  4. What kind of food affects some parts of the body more than others?

If you are serious about bodybuilding, you should consider many more of such issues. Any conscious person would know how important diet and nutrition plan is to the body.

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How can a tailored diet plan / diet help you?

People and their types can be classified into specific broad categories. They are needed to understand basic function and therefore to adjust the body. At Your Diet Lounge we have a team of nutrition experts and dieticians who developa personalised diet plan to achieve maximum benefits from training.

We take into account many factors, such as:

  • Your weight, height and BMI.
  • Your goal is to build your body.
  • Current health condition.
  • Medication under treatment (if available).
  • I don’t like it.
  • Religious visions and limitations.
  • Details of work and lifestyle.
  • Required supplement.

………… And any other necessary details or requests that may occur during counselling. So, if you are preparing for a modelling career, you will get married, prepare for a defence service, or just look good and feel confident.

Diet Experts Counselling

You get tips from our team of specialists for all your questions. We remind you of diet plans via SMS and email.

Let’s start the journey together ………

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