Diet Package for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Patients


A good diet is the best healer in the case of cholesterol and blood pressure, followed by appropriate exercise. In either case, a diet plan is required that consists of all the necessary nutrients to keep the situation under control. Each of these conditions can be better controlled by making the right food choices. In the case of high blood pressure, it is necessary to lower the sodium salt content in the diet. On the other hand, it is necessary to eat low or moderate fat foods at low blood pressure and cholesterol.

Focusing on foods with high fiber content also helps control blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and maintains proper weight. A total cholesterol level of 200 mg / DL is considered ideal; more than 240 mg / dL is considered high and requires attention. These conditions must be solved early to prevent major health problems in the future. High cholesterol is the risk of cardiovascular problems even from a young age.

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How can the diet plan help you?

At Your Diet Lounge we have the knowledge and resources to give you a diet plan that will actually help you. Our nutrition experts will give you the right advice on which diet and exercise / yoga best suits you, taking into account the following:

  • Your age and height.
  • Current health.
  • Genetic and biological factors.
  • Medications under treatment.
  • Sympathy and dislike.
  • Physical activity and daily routine.

………. and many other environmental and climatic factors. We would like to help you and your family with our knowledge and experience.

How can a dietician / dietician help?

Nutritionist or dietician focuses on creating the ideal personal diet and diet plan tailored to your needs. To create the best nutrition strategy, we have access to various parameters such as age and height, genetic and biological factors, current medicine, physical activity and daily routine, taste / disadvantages and dietary supplements, etc.

These nutrition programs help you:

  • Relax problems related to cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Manage your weight.
  • Improve your concentration.
  • Improve the body’s natural regeneration process.
  • Help improve mood and perspective.

There are many studies on the combined effect of different diets on our body. Let us share this knowledge with you. We have a team of dieticians and dieticians who would like to hear from you and help you. You can buy our diet plans immediately and then tell us about your experiences.

Dietitian Experts Advice

Our team will guide you through all the confusion you may encounter. They will guide, motivate and help you solve challenges that, if unmanned, will be a major overtime. We will also remind you to eat plans and health tips via text and email.

Let’s start the journey together ……….

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