How to avoid overeating

Losing weight isn’t only about what you eat, it’s also about how much you eat.

Sadly, Hormones, Lack of sleep and stress…add up to one big bucket of ice cream or junk food when your overeating gear kicks into full drive.

But not to worry simple habits can help you in breaking the cycle of overeating


No need to ban all your favourite foods

Swearing off everything you cherish to eat is not realistic at all. Definitely focus on providing your body most healthy and nutritious food while yourself the freedom to treat here and there.

Being too restrictive will surely drive you to binge.


Start Every Meal With Water

Water is a basic need for the human body to function properly. Aim for eight to thirteen glasses of water throughout the day. This can help you to tame the hunger and keep you hydrated. Drink at least one or two glasses of water before each meal as it will help to fill you up and decrease the intake of food.


Don’t Skip Your Meals

Whether you are attempting to lose weight or just have a hectic and busy day or trying to cut out calories by skipping day meals can lead you to overeat later in a day.  It is typically recommended to have small 4-6 meals in a day rather than having a traditional 3 times meal. However, eating a balanced diet can manage the calories intake and avoid the risk of overeating at night.


Practice Mindful Eating

Adopting mindful eating is one of the best ways to lose weight and avoid overeating. Mindful eating means living or focusing on the current or present situation because in today’s tech-obsessed world everyone is busy doing activity during eating whether its watching TV or scrolling down through your phone.  These activities divert your mind and lead to overeating. Taking small bites, chew longer and slowly and focuses on present activity can be a good and healthy eating.


Slow Down

Whenever you eat your meal, you should give your brain time to catch up to your stomach. Eating too fast may lead to overeat and gain weight over time because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to send the signals that you are full. Chew bites at least 10 times to digest the food properly.


Eat Rich Fibre Food

Foods like beans, oats, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds and more.,  are rich in fibre and can help you to stay fuller for a longer period of time and reduce the urge to overeat. These foods are also an excellent source of disease-fighting nutrients and phytochemicals.


Snack Often

Keeping yourself hungry for longer duration can lead to overeating later in the day. To avoid this, carry some healthy snacks option along with you at work. By having snacks throughout the day you will manage to keep your blood sugar level steady and never get to the point where you won’t be able to control your hunger.


Get Your Stress Under Control

Easier said than done, I know. But this is where exercising comes in. Being physically active boosts your both your stamina and pumps up your adrenaline, which in turn makes your mind more peaceful.

Don’t believe? Start by a 20min walk or short jog every day and see the difference in a week.


The Bottom Line: Many of us struggling with overeating habits in our day to day life. But there are many ways to control our eating habits. For example by adding more protein diets in our meals, practising or adapting mindful eating techniques.

By taking guidance from Healthcare professionals like Doctors or registered nutritionist and dieticians. Use these tips to establish a new healthy routine and gift yourself a healthy life.

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