10 detox water recipes, you can make in under a minute

If you are a health nut like me, I am pretty sure detox water is ingrained in your vocab as well. Although we feel we know a lot around this, for the benefit of everyone let me give you some background about it.

Detox water, also known as spa water or infused water is a combination of diced or sliced fruit, veggies, herbs, or spices added in water.

Water is instrumental in flushing out waste products from the body, it helps prevent constipation, by absorption of mineral and nutrient, it lubricates joints, give moisture to tissues, these are just a few of its vital roles.

Being hydrated is so important that even mild dehydration can cause tiredness. In fact, by the time you feel the need to drink water, you may already be slightly dehydrated.

How does Detox Water work?

What ingredients your detox water contains is what generally determines how it might affect your body. For example, lemon would help boost your immune system and get rid of harmful toxins from the body, while cucumber is an effective anti-inflammatory, and so on.

Detox water overall definitely boosts the digestive system and reduces the cravings for diet sodas, caffeinated beverages, and powdered drink mixes.

Over the years a lot of detox recipes have become popular, and with time you will also start experimenting according to your body. But to start here my top 10 favourites that are so so so easy to make.

Cucumber, Lemon, and Basil Detox Water


Image Courtesy: kattivatrends.com

Take 10 cucumber slices, 1 lemon slice, cut in half and 3 basil leaves

Put the ingredients in 500 ml filtered water, and allow it to sit covered in the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours.

Pear, Ginger, and Lime Detox Water

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Get 2 slices of pear, cut into smaller pieces, 1 slice of lime, cut in half and1/4 inch thin slice of ginger. Add these ingredients into a glass and fill the rest with water.

If you aren’t fond of the gingery taste, try scoring the ginger piece to release the juice into the water than using its slice. Also, make sure you use a firm pear, as a ripe one tends to get mushy when soaked in water.

Orange and Mint Detox Water

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Take 2 slices of peeled orange and 2 mint leaves

The pith (the white part under the orange peel) tastes bitter, so be sure to remove it. Fill it with water and it’s done

Strawberry, Raspberry, and Mint Detox Water

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Get 3 strawberries, cut in half 5 raspberries and take 3 small or 2 regular sized mint leaves.

Simply add all this to filtered water

Lemon Detox Water

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This one is pretty easy, simply add a 1/4 of lemon, sliced, to an 8 to 16-ounce glass and then filling the rest with filtered water. Just squeeze the lemon juice right into the glass.

Blackberry and Orange Detox Water

Image courtesy: eatthis.com

Get 6 cups water, 2 mandarin oranges, cut into wedges and a handful of blueberries

Another option is to squeeze in the juice of one mandarin orange and muddle the blueberries to enhance the flavour a bit.

Watermelon Detox Water

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Take 2 cups Seedless Watermelon, cubed and 4 cups water. Then place Watermelon in a pitcher and cover with Water.

For better taste, you can let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge before drinking – to let the water get all the nice watermelon flavour.

Aloe Detox Water

Image courtesy: stylecraze.com

Bring 12 – 16 ounces of water, aloe gel dissolved from a leaf and squeezed lemon.

Mix them in cold water and voila

Green Tea Mint Lime Detox Water

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Take 12-16 ounces of water, green tea, lime slices and 2-3 mint leaves. You have it at normal temperature or put ice as well.

Apple Spice Detox Water

Image courtesy: sugarandsoul.co

Yet another easy one 1 sliced apple, 3-star anise and 2 sticks of cinnamon in 12 oz. Water. Your detox water is ready

Few tips to keep in mind

Almost all citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit) has a pith, that the white portion underneath the outer colourful portion. This is what can make the water bitter, so can choose to remove this

Exact measurements or numbers of fruit and vegetable slices isn’t really necessary. You can alter the ratio as well, and see how it works for you.

Make no more than a day’s worth at a time as the fruit tends to get soggy.

Things to avoid doing

Don’t drink the detox water too quickly.

Try to mix the fruits and veggies, and limit the use of acidic fruits like lemon as they can soften the tooth enamel

If you have certain health conditions then make sure you have referred a professional. For instance, ginger, mint or citrus fruit can trigger heartburn and consume excessive ginger can lead to increased risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders and those taking medication that increases the risk of bleeding.

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  • Slim Trim Shape Posted September 3, 2019 1:30 am

    Watermelon detox water is my favorite among these list, love it, perfect for summer and its so refreshing.

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