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I’m Shruti Sharma

I belong to small town named Shahzadpur (Haryana). From my very little age I was very inspired by my Father. I learnt from him to do something better than others even more better than your own self.  I learnt to grab every opportunity with this spirit & my dreams to have my own identity : I started my journey from Gujarat. I heard of that right things comes up to the right time.

My mother has also been a constant pillar and motivator in my journey. She is the one who taught me patience and sincerity. It’s her support as well that made me pursue my passion with a lot of zeal.

So that right time comes to me when I met Dr. Dinesh Ahir in Gujarat. That was my life’s turning point. He works 18 hours a day & still he is happy only because of his dreams. His work & his words highly influenced me. There I become more & more serious about my dreams. But still, my question was there- What to do???

I work there (day shifts night shifts) as an RMO  day by day & observed people very closely. People have different-2 types of diseases & the origin or cause of every disease is lifestyle faults. I decided to do something in this field. I love to help people That’s why I was satisfied with my job & work. Then a tragedy happened to me. My father had a cardiac attack in Haryana & I was in Gujarat. My family was alone. Then I decided to leave everything in Gujarat & went home. After my father’s recovery, my ideas started poking & pushing me. I again started a job in Delhi as a dietitian. New place new people again. I was confident with my new beginning. Here I meet Dt. Shimpy Matharoo such a dynamic & positive personality. Doing work with her I get a very clear vision of my ambitions.

In a metropolitan city like Delhi, people have no time for taking care of lifestyle & time management of eating food. They wake up late, eats late & slowly becoming fat. These habits are reasons for all diseases. But due to lack of knowledge, they take lots of medicines.

What I believe in

With a balanced diet, we can not only cure diseases but also stay fit & healthy.  “Health is Wealth”- I want to introduce a very cool & easy path to this wealth to normal people.  I learned that I can cure any disease by maintaining a balanced diet, When I saw cancer patients living beyond their life period it motivated me like a spark in wood. I am confident that I can help people with their food against diseases. A dietitian is not that person who gives you diet plan & makes you slim, But a person who inspires you to live a better life with better health. My dream is to make India healthy & happy. I know this dream is hard to make a reality but not impossible.

I learnt one thing from life that if you believe in yourself no hurdle is hard to cross to meet success. M success is in my client’s health

A great dietitian with a great knowledge of work. She has been very helpful throughout. I shed 15 kg’s in 4 months. I get so many compliments each day it’s a drastic change that I have undergone but in a very positive and a good way. Thank u, ma’am

Kusha Vats

Excellent results. I lose around a kg in every diet plan. Strongly recommended from my side. Thank you for helping me to achieve my fitness goals.

Divya Gautam

Really effective diet plans which don't just give you temporary results but improves your metabolism. They help you develop healthy food habits. You feel healthier and full of energy. Strongly recommended.

Sonam Zutshi

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